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Designing Distributed Systems - The sidecar pattern

I work with distributed systems on a daily basis, and having come across the book “Designing Distributed Systems by Brendan Burns (O’Reilly). Copyright 2018 Brendan Burns, 978-1-491-98364-5.” I was interested in knowing if some difficulties that I’ve faced have been cristalized in the form of microservices design patterns, and more importantly I’m looking to learn new interesting ways to solve upcomming challenges.

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Oni 2, the future of Oni and Vim?

My editor of choice is Vim, but having worked with the .Net Framework in a Windows workspace for two and a half years now I still don’t find it as comfortable or natural to use the console in Windows as I do in my Debian laptop. After switching around between many shells (PowerShell, git-bash, cygwin, babun, etc.) I’ve settled with PowerShell and the bash shell contained in git, but neither feels right when I have to fire up Vim to edit a file.

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NetBeans dream team

The NetBeans Dream Team has seven new members, and I’m excited to be one of them!

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NetBeans community on Slack

The NetBeans Dream Team is experimenting with slack as a way to keep in touch with the NetBeans community.

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OpenPGP with subkeys and card

This document shows the steps I’ve taken to create my OpenPGP Keys and how to store the master Key in a secure medium (encrypted USB disk) and the subkeys that I’ll frequently use on a OpenPGP card.

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